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Hi, I'm Rou (?)
I'm doing Anime Style Commissions.

TABLE (scroll down for details)

tABLEEEE by RouCaelum
*fb= full body - ku= knee up - wu= waist up



♥ Each character (max of characters 5) || 15 USD (1500 DAPoints)
♥ + simple background (one color - pattern or texture) || free
♥ + full background (a scenario) || 10 USD (1000 DAPoints)
My mermaid by RouCaelum C: RemonaArshu by RouCaelum C: Lesette by RouCaelum  C: Serah Farron by RouCaelum


♥ Each character (max of characters 5) || 12 USD (1200 DAPoints)
♥ + simple background (one color - pattern or texture) || free
♥ + full background (a scenario) || 9 USD (900 DAPoints)

Demonio by RouCaelum Blue Magic by RouCaelum C: Ming Yue by RouCaelum C: Sheep2Heaven by RouCaelum


♥ Each character (max of characters 5) || 10 USD (1000 DAPoints)
♥ + simple background (one color - pattern or texture) || free
♥ + full background (a scenario) || 7 USD (1000 DAPoints)

To Draw by RouCaelum Estellise Sidos Heurassein by RouCaelum Blue and Gold by RouCaelum Light by RouCaelum



F: Helmeppo and Seren by RouCaelum JuKou by RouCaelum C: Niah and Hiruma by RouCaelum
♥ Max of couples per image 2 (4 characters) || 27 USD
♥ + simple background (one color - pattern or texture) || free
♥ + full background (a scenario) || 10 USD (1000 DAPoints)

Knee up

C: Yuuki12397 by RouCaelum C: kyra_yin by RouCaelum C: ChelsiCraig by RouCaelum C: - V e r a m o n t e - by RouCaelum
♥ Max of couples per image 2 (4 characters) || 24 USD
♥ + simple background (one color - pattern or texture) || free
♥ + full background (a scenario) || 5 USD (1000 DAPoints)

Waist up

You guys are overreacting. by RouCaelum 02 Love by RouCaelum JuKou AU by RouCaelum
♥ Max of couples per image 2 (4 characters) || 20 USD
♥ + simple background (one color - pattern or texture) || free
♥ + full background (a scenario) || 5 USD (1000 DAPoints)


C: Brookayyy by RouCaelum JuKou by RouCaelum
♥ Max of couples per image 2 (4 characters) || 15 USD
♥ + simple background (one color - pattern or texture) || free
♥ + full background (a scenario) || 5 USD (1000 DAPoints)



Chibis chibis by RouCaelum Yuki Contest: 1st place winner prize. by RouCaelum Giveaway! :: Shyscope :: by RouCaelum C: freaking-cuddly by RouCaelum
♥ Max of characters per image 5 || 10 USD (1000 DAPoints)
   each character added + 5 USD (500 DAPoints)
♥ + simple background (one color - pattern or texture) || free
♥ + full background (a scenario) || 2 USD (1000 DAPoints)


Six Sepsis Sketchy freebs CUATRO: xUltimecia by RouCaelum Six Sepsis Sketchy freebs TRES: Morishigay by RouCaelum Six Sepsis Sketchy freebs DOS: Ranma-kun by RouCaelum Six Sepsis Sketchy freebs UNO: Perlaceo by RouCaelum
♥ Max of characters per image 1  || 5 USD
♥ + simple background (one color - pattern or texture) || free
Warning: The details I decide to emphasize are up to me.


C: Dizzy Luc. by RouCaelum CSC: Farid. by RouCaelum Sae. by RouCaelum

FULL: 60 USD (6000 DAPoints)
You can choose the parts of the character sheet you want to show, depending on your oc and the final price you want.
♦ Front view | 10 USD
♦ Side Left view | 10 USD
♦ Side Right view | 10 USD
♦ Back view | 10 USD
♦ Headshots (profile and 3/4) | 10 USD
♦ Weapon box | 10 USD
♦ Companion box | 10 USD
♦ Color box | 10 USD
♦ Description box | 10 USD


DO's and DON'Ts


♥ Something I feel confortable with
♥ Fanarts
♥ OC x Fanart /OC x OC
♥ weapons
♥ Action scenes


♥ FULL Meccha (mechanical, robots) For reference google busou shinki
♥ Antro (that's me turning things into humans or viceversa)
♥ Furry (sorry idk how to fur yet x.x)
♥ Fanarts like "a green pikachu on a big apple playing guitar while raichu is dancing" NOPE I will keep consistent to the original custome or form from the requested character. Also I have a big respect for certain (just a few) characters personalities, and I don't want to draw them doing things that don't fit them. NOTE ME ABOUT THIS
♥ Hentai (I'm fine with sexy as long as it's not just... porn.)
♥ Too cluttered. A pair of wings are a pain enough on their own to just add 5 pairs more.
♥ Don't work for credits
♥ Linearts only, recolors only, background only, objects only, edits, graphics of any kind, logos.



1- Send me a note with your commission, if you don't know how, use this form:
Hi there, I want a commission!
Payment method: (paypal or points)
Idea: For example: "hello, I was wondering if you could draw my oc Mirta in Anime Style, fullbody. How much that would cost. here's a reference (link)"
2- I'll give a reply: If I accept or not and why. How long this will take. Cost. And details about format and that.
3- You reply to that.
4- I'll do a sketch with my interpretation of your idea.
5- You:
    - accept and I'll proceed with 6.
    - don't accept and want modifications, then it's back to 4 until you're ok with that.
    (NOTE: in this step it's important to be super sure you're ok with what I have drawn, because that's how the structure will be till the end, and I won't modify that once the color is added)
    (NOTE 2: I won't change the pose more than 3 times. I can fix little parts of it, but not the whole pose)
6- I'll add color and send you a low quality pic for you to verify.
7- You:
   - accept and pay me.
   - don't accept and want modifications, then it's back to 6 until you're ok with that.
8- I'll give you the full resolution image.
9- I'll publish the image in my DA, and you publish it in your site (if you want)
10- We're happy.




I'm doing some sketches and I need 5 volunteers to bring me their OC to draw~ (I might increase the number, maybe)
First come first serve, I think that's the right phrase? Well, in order of comments I'll be choosing the OCs.

Please link me to the reference image of your OC, but the image reference must be just one, (please don't make a puzzle of: this is the oc /link, this is the hairstyle/link, this is the clothing/link. Please comment  just one image.)

  • One per person.
  • No meccha.
  • No furry.
  • No too cluttered: many many accesories.

No notes, I'll be using the comments in this journal only~~

1- :iconazure-wolf96: with Princess Kimiko.
2- :iconthegamingcentaur: with Melissa Nightbreeze.
3- :iconalysedai: with Alothia.
4- :iconsenjumadara: with the boy OC (please tell me the name if he has one)
5- :iconbotskey: I'll choose later between the girl or the boy (also tell me the names if they have one)
6- :iconremonaarshu: with Queen.
7- :iconwingsofreparation: with the winged girl (please tell me the name if she has one)
8- :iconchest-mountains: with Rolan.
9- :iconahumanstory: with Chandra.
10- :iconmiki-sakura: with Aiko.

The style is going to be anime~~
Please let me draw your oc! ♥ ♥

Hi, this journal is a reminder of the giveaway I'm doing for my watchers to celebrate my #300 watchers!
So you have to fav either this journal or this image:

300 watchers giveaway! by RouCaelum

Please, participate! ♥
Hello all of you!

My sister :iconamiratotal: is starting to sell her adorable chibis here in DA~
Those are such beautiful normal chibis and blinking or animated chibis, plus they're cheap!

Please take a look at them here:

C H I B I Commissions!~Commission Info

C H I B I:

$5 (USD)/ 500Points

-Extra Character: $5 (USD)/ 500Points 
-Companion: $1 (USD) / 100Points 
A N I M A T E D  C H I B I:
$7 (USD) / 700Points

-Animations include: blinking, smiling, ear twitching (if there are animal ears) and blushing.
  -More than 1 animation: $1 (USD)/ 100Points  each.
-Extra Character: $7 (USD)/ 700Points 
D O' S:
-OC's and fanarts.
D O N' T S:
- +18 content.
-Furry and anthros.
-Some animals.
F O R M:

She's accepting points too~
So if you want one let her know~~

Thank you! ♥
:iconshizukuotlplz: :iconshizukuotlplz: :iconshizukuotlplz: :iconshizukuotlplz:

You guys TT____TT
My birthday is on april 27th~~~

I don't know why, but DA says my Bday is on the 14th :iconheadnoplz: /cries.
Really thanks to the people who congratulated me! I realy appreciate that! Thank you! ♥ ♥

My birthday is the same day as this guy:

:iconusuiblehplz: Usui Takumi from Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama ~~~
Too bad is just a 2d character ;AA;

Thank you all~~


My computer is back! I'm working on the commissions right now!


The guy who fixed the computer deleted everything~~ Even when I said I wanted to keep my stuff safe T___T /cries.

So, I'm working with pretty much nothing.

My apologies for the delay and thanks for your patience~!

Very sad news for me.
My computer is broken.
I don't know what exactly happened but it displays a black screen with a message that says: "Press DEL to enter SETUP or F8 to enter boot menu" I tried pressing everything, but nothing has happened and gets stuck there.
The keyboard is not recognised, or that's what I think, because it doesn't matter which key I press, there's no change at all. It's not a USB keyboard, so it is supposed to work fine, I tried connecting a new keyboard but the result is the same.
So, I'm without computer to work at the moment, I'll try to figure this out as soon as possible and I'll try to fix it (not by myself, of course)

If any of you had this problem and knows how to repair it, please please please let me know. I need this computer for school purposes also, I mean, I have everything there, so I'm really worried here.

Yeah, Tevez already said that.

2616323 by RouCaelum

And yeah, I'm talking about English.

Well, my English is not good enough, I would love to be able to write journals more frequently, but I sometimes think that you guys won't understand a thing I'm saying, and that just stop me immediately.
I try to translate everything and make it look comprehensible, but you know... google translator... that thing helps you or destroys you xD

I have not problem in reading, I understand everything perfectly, I'm just not confortable with writting, and you definitely have to hear me speak in english, that's hilarious, I suck at speaking.
I mix a lot of verbal tenses, and use words incorrectly, I repeat the same adjetives a lot, I go from a formal writting to a messy writting in a few sentences.

Now... the question is: Do you guys care about that?
Because, if you don't particularly care, I would love to write more nonsense about the things I like, and try to be more friendly with all of you (like commenting your stuff or talking about something)

Because I'm a huge manga-anime-rpg fan and I want to fangirl about that here

I left this place so out of the blue, I feel sorry because of that, and I want to apologize to all of you.
I left things undone and some of them are just too late to do now, but please give me that chance!

It's not like I wanted to leave, a lot of stuff happened at the same time and I couldn't do anything, and I wanted to come back so badly! T_T This place is awesome, I learn a lot of things here and I share a lot too, I help and I can be helped, that's awesome! And I missed that so much!

Sorry to those I gave my word to draw something! I had you all in mind during my absense.
All the stuff I had in my pc just died, everything, sketches, drawings, wips, to-do-lists, I have a few projects and names I remember and a lot in the notes too, I'll try to contact the people I think I owe something, so if you're not being contacted soon by me, please send me a note or leave a comment here or in my profile! I won't be bothered!

I'm going to try to be as active as before, I have a few pics I've created and I would love to share with you!

I'm sorry again and OMG thanks :icondolly-belladonna: !! I owe you a lot, if you happen to have a new idea for me to draw you something as thanks just let me know (I know you sent me something before, let me know if you want to continue with that!)

OH !! And :iconkitsu-senpai: TT___TT So sorry OTL

Hi there! ♥

School is killing me softly (?
As you may or may not know I am an Art teacher in Highschool. And bleh, I have trillions of things to do during this and the next week.
So I'm out.

I have a few commissions to do for:

- Gaia commissions~~~

OMG, some of them are from a month ago. /shame

- DA commissions~~~~

Yeah, sorry too. I owe you guys some sketches ;AAA; /cries.

- GO Freebs~~~

Yeah, sorry. You guys should wait to all of the above mentioned is finished. /OTL



:icondolly-belladonna: GAVE ME A 3 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP ♥

I don't know why, but omg omg ♥

Thank you so much!

I want to thank you with something, and as all I can do is art, well you should send me something you want me to draw ♥

Really, thank you very much ♥
Se lo robé a fishy-nugget.
Porque forever alone (?)
If you want to tagg me in english is fine too. /cries.


1.- Debes publicar estas reglas.
2.- Cada persona debe compartir 10 cosas acerca de ellos mismos.
3.- Contesta las 10 preguntas, luego, inventa otras 10 preguntas para la gente que será taggeada.
4.- Escoge a 10 personas y coloca sus iconos.
5.- Informarles que fueron taggeados.
6.- Nada de "¡Ay!, si tu leíste esto, quedas maldito de por vida con este tagg".
7.- Definitivamente debes taggear a 10 personas.
8.- No se puede devolver el tagg.
9.- No puedes decir "yo no haré este tagg".
10.- El tagg se hace en journal, no en comentarios, solo en journal.

10 cosas sobre mi~~

1- Soy profe de artes visuales y nadie me cree.
2- Tengo el pelo rosa desde hace 5 años. La gente cree que algún día se me "va a pasar"
3- Me gusta más el manga que el anime, porque mi internet es muy lento como para ver anime.
4- Soy vegetariana (lacto-ovo) desde hace casi 10 años. Si vives de ensalada ♪
5- Mi banda favorita es Matenrou Opera y me encantaría algún día poder ir a verlos.
6- Tengo una cantidad inmensurable de Otps y bishies con los cuales babeo.
7- Tengo una especie de dislexia muuuy menor en la que mi cerebro piensa muy rápido lo que voy a decir y no tan rápido cuando voy a hablar, entonces (ojo, no siempre) termino juntando todas las palabras de una oración en una única palabra. Por ejemplo: si pienso decir "El día está soleado hoy" puede que me salga únicamente "Edileadoy"
8- Mi peor miedo es tirar la cadena del inodoro y que el agua salga rebalsada. Creo que moriré en el acto si me pasa. (ver respuesta 9)
9-  Me quedé encerrada en el baño de la secundaria una hora, y en el de la universidad por 20 minutos.
10- Nunca nadie me taggea en un choto, entonces tengo que andar robando(?


1-¿Juego favorito?
El Final Fantasy XII porque Vaan xD Y porque fue el primer FF que jugué. Si ya sé, ya sé, pero me calienta un pedo, es mi favorito y listo (?)

2-¿Sabor de helado favorito?
Menta granizada~

3-¿youtuber favorito?
De pedo y me entra al DA mi internet lento le voy a pedir videos. Ni ahí. Shoro.

4-¿facebook, tumblr o twitter?
Por el momento... Twitter. Yo pensé que era un mito que la gente es más menos ortiva ahí, y es cierto. Vos estás ahí en tu TL, siguiendo a tu gente y leyendo lo que querés leer y leesto. Nadie te salta la bronca por giladas, ni te comenta con pelotudeces. Ahora, aclaración, no entren a los TT porque ahí está la bronca con el Twitter, al menos la mía, los chistes de mal gusto, la misoginia, el machismo, la discriminación, es todo ahí.
Y Tumblr... bueno, no sé. Me gustaba cuando roleaba, pero después dejé de darle bola.

5-¿que te gusta de mi fursona?
Este es el daño de robar, la pregunta nunca está dirigida a uno, shoro. Pero aprovecho para decir que yo y el furry nunca nos vamos a llevar bien hasta que no mejore mi pedorra habilidad para colorear piel en el Sai.

6-¿Serie de TV favorita?
Ehmmm... si me lo preguntabas dos años atrás, decías TV y te gritaba SUPERNATURAAAL. Ahora no sé.

7-¿te gusta alguien?
Ugh, esto. Nah, yo no nací para esto del amor (? A menos que Saito Hajime de Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan cuente (???)

8-¿Como conociste DA?
No tenía donde chotoronga subir mi "arte". En primera porque era pedorro, y en segunda porque Photobucket es mooooy lerdo para todo. Entonces subía todo a Tumblr y luego hermana me comentó sobre DA y acá estoy.

9-¿pizza o hamburgesa?
Pizza, porque ricooor y porque si como una hamburguesa probablemente muera (ver respuesta 4 xD)

10-¿te gustaria conocerme en vida real? 8D
Sigo aprovechando para mandar fruta en estas preguntas que no eran para mi xD

Preguntas para el que quiera hacerlo.

1- ¿Tenés un personaje original? ¿Te gustaría tener uno?
2- ¿Cuál es tu OTP?
3- ¿Si tuvieras que shippear un crossover, quienes serían?
4- ¿Cuál es tu anime/manga favorito?
5- ¿Qué es lo que nunca entendiste o no te terminó de convencer de una historia/libro/TV Show/Película/Anime/Manga/Videojuego?
6- ¿Cuáles es tu banda favorita y a cual de los miembros de la misma te gustaría ver en tanga/sunga roja?
7- ¿Con qué personaje te casarías? ¿Cómo le propondrías matrimonio?
8- ¿Cuál es la prenda de vestir que más odias?
9- ¿Qué tipo de arte te gusta ver en DA?
10- ¿Alguna vez robaste algo? (?)

Posta, no tengo mucha gente que hable español como para pasárselo. Es crueeeel.
HaganloN, deleN.

Taggeo a la :iconamiratotal: porque hermana.
Hi, there.
As you've seen, I've posponed all my activities because World Cup Brazil 2014.


¡Somos subcampeones! ♥
Pusimos todo en la cancha y si bien no llegamos a cumplir con el objetivo final, rompimos-cerramos-tapamos culos. Te puedo decir que se siente: ORGULLO ♥ (diferente a tener que decir qué se SIETE)
Gracias por tanta alegría celeste y blanca.
Siempre con vos y nunca con ningún otro color ♥
Argentina siempre.

My apologies for the delay on the commissions, contest's prize and giveaway, now I'm going to start with everything again~
Thanks for your patience!

Hi~!! ♥

Here are the numbers I got from the random site:

Randommw by RouCaelum

♥♥ And the winners are: ♥♥

1- :iconsaphaianefertiti:
You won ♥ 1 full body in Anime Style.

2- :iconm0niquee:
You won ♥ 1 knee up in Anime Style.

3- :iconalysedai:
You won ♥ 1 knee up in Anime Style.

4- :iconmisselysium:
You won ♥ 1 chibi

5- :iconshyscope:
You won ♥ 1 chibi

Thanks everyone for participate! See you when 200+ watchers happens (or whenever I feel like it xD) ~ww~

To the winners:

♥ Please send me a note titled "Giveaway for (your-username)" example: "Giveaway for RouCaelum"

Character References: (character sheets, reference for clothes, hairstyle, pose, etc.)
Character age & personality: (description of your character, add all the info you have!)
♪ Check the do and don'ts HERE
♫ If I've already done a commish/freebie for you, make sure the character I'll have to draw is not the same I've already drawn, okay?
♪ I won't do fanarts this time.
♫ If you don't want your price, please let me know, so I can give the chance to someone else.

Thank you~ ♥

Hi there~! ♥

Argggxxx-2 by RouCaelum

This is for those who haven't seen my previous journal.
I'm doing a giveaway to celebrate my 100+ watchers!

For more info, please click ♥~HERE~♥

Hi there!

Argggxxx-2 by RouCaelum

I got more than 100 deviants who have decided to watch me, which I never thought it would happen, but yay! I can't believe it!

I want to thank you!

Thank you very much for supporting me! I'm glad you like what I do~~!!

I'm going to giveaway art for those who watch me:

♥ 1 full body in Anime Style.
♥ 1 knee up in Anime Style.
♥ 1 knee up in Anime Style.
♥ 1 chibi
♥ 1 chibi

The rules:

♦ You must be my friend, that means you need to Watch me first.
♦ Fav this journal.

Method of selecting winners.

I'll use this site:

Deadline is next friday (27-06/2014)
Hope you all participate!
Sorry this is a quick status that I made, mostly I want to apologize to all of my commissioners, because all commissions are delayed a bit due to some activities my superiors assigned me to do (yeah, lucky me... .__.)~ I'm a teacher btw. (In highschool .__.)

Here's the process.
I hope to finish all this tomorrow (wed) or maybe the day after tomorrow~

Sorry I have not time to put names:

Couple: Half colored.
2 Fullbodies + background: Sketch done.
Knee up: Sketch half done.
Gaia commish: All linearts are done.
Fullbody and background: I need to finish some details.

Thanks a lot for your patience!

Paypal and Points Commissions || OPEN

Journal Entry: Sat May 3, 2014, 2:30 AM

Hi, there.

Just to announce that commissions are delayed a bit, because it's storm time here where I live, and I can't use the tablet/PC during electric storms. Plus, energy black outs.
So I have a reduced time to work.

Thanks a lot for your patience! ♥

Hi, there~

This is a contest I'm participating in, if you guys want to go check and also participate here's the link: CONTEST TIME! by Yuu-Tanni

My entry is about Kaga and Mine, the twin mascots! *ww*

Kaga and Mine by RouCaelum

Kaga and Mine -2- by RouCaelum
  • Listening to: Matenrou Opera - Kassai to Gekijou no GLORIA